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Testimonials – What Our Clients Say


“In managing my own business, I attempted to do my own bookkeeping, but found it to be more difficult than I expected. I was frustrated and overwhelmed. As well as expertly handling our taxes and being a genuinely good guy, Justin spent a lot of time going over bookkeeping procedures and reviewed my work until I was confident in managing our complicated accounts.  I couldn’t ask for more in terms of a great accountant!”

-Nathan Ellsworth, Insurance Agency Owner


“We had a rental property that we sold three years ago and we had no idea how to do the taxes for it. It was so overwhelming and stressful we just didn’t file taxes. When we came to Justin, he took care of everything.  He got all the information he needed and filed 3 years worth of taxes for us. We were really impressed with his knowledge and how quickly everything was completed. It was a big relief to turn things over to someone who knows what he’s doing.”

– Bill Goodman, Claims Manager


“Justin did a great job on our tax return. He made sure we got all of the deductions and credits we qualified for, and gave us some tax advice. I move around a lot with the military and always dread finding a new accountant. With Justin the whole experience was quicker and easier than other places I’ve been. I would highly recommend him.”

-Mike Sweeney, Active Duty US Service Member